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OK,.. this is a private page I set up for you so you can fallow the progress as its done,.. you'll be able to tag on as much or as little as you want to see progress without getting a hundred texts from me,.. so as I do things I'll try and post as they are completed,..


 as parts came to my shop

I masked out the polished stainless on the rear fender struts to protect for sand blasting.


                                                                                                                                after I sandblasted parts


                                                                                           pix below are of body filler being applied and block sanded to achieve shape


                                       as of the morning of 12/9/2011 tank is hung and ready for its first coat of polyester primer ,... I have just started body work on rear fender.

        I should have updates and pix posted every/every other morning,.. in doing the body work on the tank I came up with,. what I think,. to be some good ideas for design,..once I get the tank in to prime I'll start to draw out the designs and post pix  

talk to you soon,..


As of  the morning of 12/12 2011

tins have been block sanded ,. polyester spray filler applied,. block sanded again,. hung,. and the final urethane primer was applied .

 I'll be block sanding this and trying to finalize my design,.



Up Date 12/12

This is my concept drawing,..

base paint tank and fender will be Black,..side coves in tank silver mini flake with a black cob webbing with the out edge of the cover blended back in to the black of the tank,..off to the left side of the tank a silver miniflake panel with a transparent black endless line design and the outside edge pinstriped in red,.( its meant to mimic a racing stripe but in a 50/60ies kinda way ) ,.. The right side of the tank free forum red pinstriping over the black tank.    On the front left side of the tank the question cross logo, .probably in a red and silver/white and then on the back right side of the tank the ILM lettering tag in the same red  and silver/white. the rear fender will match in the same fashion of the tank,..silver and black endless line panel on one side and red pinstriping over the black on the other,. 

I know its a lot to absorb and hard to see in the pix.

take a look at the pix any question please just let me know, .if you don't like something ,.want to add or change ...or just dont dig  the whole concept PLEASE let me know asap,..

THANK YOU,..talk soon,..



Up Date 12/13

Base Black and three coats of clear

wet sanded , cleaned and masked out for the flake panels



Up Date 12/14

silver flake was sprayed and clear coated ,.let dry wet sanded and  endless line design was masked out

transparent black was used and sprayed to achieve design,. then un masked


cove area was masked out and I did what's called cob webbing ,. in black and frosted the edge with black,. this was done over the silver flake

tank and fender were cleaned and cleared to protect art work,. and to help bury all edges of  design


Up Date 12/15

wet sanded ,. prepped ,.and did ILM logo on front of tank in silver with a maroon out line,.. I also out lined the endless line panels in the same maroon at this time,..

cleaned and re cleared ..



Up Date 12/16

today I'm going to be wet sanding the tank and fender ,.prepping and doing the free forum  pinstriping and ILM lettering on back of tank,..

I'll have pix for you later today or tomorrow,. Have a GREAT DAY,.. Talk Soon,..



well This is what I've done on the tank,..This is not clear coated and I brought it out side so you could see a bit better,.



12/20 FINISHED,...