All parts that were with the car,. needed to be stripped back down to bare metal do to rust under the primer and bodyfiller

                                                                                           that was applied by another body shop.


                                                                             you'll never see gaps line up like this from the factory 



                                                                                          A couple coats of polyester spray fill


                                                                                         On to getting the front end the fit correctly


                                         Pull and strip the hood, all needed body work ,.then place it back on for a finish fit to the fenders


                                                               After another blocking its ready for its first coat of urethane primer



                             after a bit more fussing,..the cars is all fitted and ready for its last blocking,. disassemble,..and start edging with color


                                 The car was taken back apart,..are small parts get sandblasted,.primed,. and painted a factory mat black finish


                                                  The GM performance 454 HO shows up along with the Richmond 5 speed trans.